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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Date Night: Dinner and a Movie

Tonight we went to Black Rock Oyster Bar & Grill for dinner and went to see Battle: Los Angeles (if you are into action then it's for you). It was our first time going to that restaurant and we had a pretty pleasant time. The place was pack when we got there around 7:30 PM so we decided to just eat at the bar. I got a selection of jumbo shrimp and oysters from the raw bar for appetizer and baked filet of sole with veggie/rice for sides. J of course didn't get seafood, he got an angus burger. I thought my meal choices were delightful and my vodka tonics were nice and strong but J thought his burger was average (this is why you get seafoods at a seafood restaurant not meat!). The pics are kind of crappy since I took them with my phone.

$5555?!  It's really $55.55. 

1 comment:

  1. Not to bad for dinner. When we go out its usually way more than that.