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Friday, April 15, 2011

Panko Breaded Cod plus Berry Chocolate Cake

I went to Trader Joe (TJ's) last night and saw these panko breaded cod filet.  Normally I get the fish sticks for J during Lent but I thought I should change it up a little. I also got the frozen uncooked blue rock shrimps from TJ's. I was surprised by how good the cod filets were. J not only finished his but also eat some of mine since i couldn't finish. For sides i made mac and cheese, shrimps, green beans and carrots. I marinaded the shrimps in lemon juice/zest, garlic, fresh parsley, salt and pepper then broiled them in the oven. 

Since tomorrow is our nephew Max's 1st birthday I made a cherry/raspberry/strawberry chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting. I also made carrot cake whoopie pies but don't have pics for it just yet since I haven't put the frosting on them.

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