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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Post T Day Update

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Since I'm normally the only one that helps my aunts cook for Thanksgiving J and I normally don't spend the whole day together since he has to go to his family's. He would go during the day and then come back to my family's for desserts. This year I didn't make as much desserts as I used to. I made carrot cake whoopee pies and a vanilla bean cake with chocolate frosting for J to take to his family's and made a berry trifle, cheesecake and apple pie for mine. I have to say the item that was the biggest hit was the trifle. After stuffing our faces with food, J, my cousins Sam and Angela all went to the bowling alley and met up with Eli, Jocelyn and two of their family friends. We were there for almost 4 hours! Not only was it fun but at least we got to burn a few calories. I can't wait until Christmas and do it all over again!

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