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Saturday, February 11, 2012

BB Cream + Face Wash from Japan

It's funny how trends in Asia sometimes take so long to get here. I'm starting to hear about BB creams in the US just within the past few months even though it has been very popular in Asia for a few years. I originally thought BB cream is similar to a tinted moisturizer but oh no, it is so much better! BB cream was originally invented by a dermatologist in Germany but became a huge sensation in Asia. Not to bored you with details, you can find the Wiki explanation here: BB Cream. My parents travel to Asia often and last September they brought back some goodies from their trip to Japan. I am so impressed with the BB cream and face wash my mom bought. She said they were highly recommended by their tour guide. The face wash gently exfoliates but doesn't dry out your skin plus it has this pleasant apple fragrance.

There are many kinds of BB creams out there you can pick one that best matches your needs. You can even get ones that will help with acne. The one I have has the functions of being a moisturizer, primer, concealer, foundation and sun block all roll into one but doesn't feel like I have a ton of products on my skin. In the Winter time I still use my Shiseido The Skincare moisturizer before I put on the BB cream since the cold weather really dries out my skin.  It is great for someone like me who is always in the rush getting ready for work in the morning. Since it's sweat and waterproof, it lasts all day!

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