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Monday, March 12, 2012

Greetings from the Far East

I am back in the motherland- Taiwan. My family is from Tamsui (or spelled Danshui) district (淡水) in northern Taiwan. It's a small seaport about 40 minutes from the capital of Taiwan, Taipei. Following the opening of the Metro station in 1996, it has been a very popular spot for tourists. The last time I was back was in 2007 for my grandfather's funeral so it's been a long time. What I am most excited about with this trip is all the authentic delicious Taiwanese foods and also visiting relatives which normally involves food also. The next few post will be about me pigging out in Taiwan!

Here is one of the meals I had on the plane. Beef Noodles. It wasn't great but wasn't terrible either. I was able to get over it since I knew I will be stuffing myself with great foods for the next two weeks.