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Monday, April 2, 2012

2012 Taiwan Trip Part I

It's Monday and I've been back to the U.S. since last Thursday afternoon. Unfortunately I am still feeling the affect of jet lag and have been unconscious (sleeping) for most of the past 4 days. Between visiting relatives I haven't seen in 5 years and eating awesome foods everyday, I really didn't feel the affect of jet lag while I was in Taiwan.  My awesome parents took me all over northern Taiwan during the time I was there. I originally was only going to stay in Taiwan for two weeks but due to a small oops, my trip was extended and I got to spend extra 3 days there.

Bye bye U.S.

My first meal on the plane. (3/10/12)

My first meal out in Taiwan were the fish balls and wontons soups in 淡水 Tamsui District Old Street. 

After the soups I had a Mister Donut's chewy mochi like donut. It's definitely not the American donuts I'm used to. It's not bad but just not very sweet like the donuts in the US.

 My dad got up really early and got me some traditional Taiwanese breakfast items. Breakfast Rice balls 飯團 filled with a variety of savory ingredients. Egg crepes 蛋餅 and Soy milk. 

My aunt Jean invited us to 北投 Beitou (or Peitou) for hot springs. There are countless hot springs in Taiwan but Beitou is the closes to my hometown 淡水 Tamsui. 
We did the individual indoor hot spring at 貴子坑鄉村俱樂部 The GTK Country Club. 

View from GTK Country Club

Jiufen 九份 is a small town in the mountains in northern Taiwan. It used to be the center of gold mining in Taiwan. The Jiufen Teahouse used to be the meeting place for many great writers and artists in Taiwan.
Jiufen Teahouse (九份茶坊)

Grandma Lai's Yuyuan 賴阿婆芋圓 (taro balls).

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