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Monday, April 2, 2012

2012 Taiwan Trip Part II

When I'm in Taiwan, I always go visit Apo, she took care of my brother Josh and I from birth up until I was in the first grade since my parents both worked full time. She is also one of our distant relatives. Even when she wasn't our nanny anymore we still go visit her all the time when we lived in Taiwan.  I have to say the two people that influenced me the most when it comes to cooking would be Apo and my grandma. They are both amazing cooks and can whip up a fest in no time.

Growing up was a lot of fun since Apo's family have a lot of land and they have their own rice paddy and vegetable gardens. They also have chicken and pigs running around at their farm.

Here's a pic of Apo (sitting in the lower middle) with her kids and her grandchildren.

The fest Apo made. Mostly from Apo's farm. 

Apo's kids took me to the Fisherman's Wharf in Tamsui.

One of my mom's best friends' daughter (欣穎took me shopping in Taipei and we went to have afternoon tea at this place called, Afternoon Tea.

My aunt Yaya got me 阿給 A-Gei, which is deep fried tofu stuffed with cooked cellophane noodles and sealed with ground fish paste. You eat it with sweet chili sauce. 

My grandma took me to this place in Taipei that sells noodles with meat sauce and stinky tofu.

It's stinky in a good way! Think of aged cheese. 


  1. wow, looks like a great (culinary) trip, Christi. i am realizing that by waiting to hear about you via facebook, i have been missing out! i will have to visit your blog more often.
    - bc

  2. Thanks! I haven't been posting the posts on FB due to pure laziness. I'm hoping to be more motivated once I get over the jet lag.