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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

2012 Taiwan Trip Part III

Since I was too busy eating around Tamsui, Taipei and visiting family, I didn't really go to any touristy spots. One place we did go to was 宜蘭 Yilan. It is in northeastern Taiwan, since it's not as developed as Taipei or Tamsui; it's got beautiful scenery. It's about an hour and half from Taipei.

Our first stop in Yilan was the Yilan National Center for Traditional Arts. All the buildings are replica of traditional red brick buildings which are now hard to find in the city. There are tons of shops that sells traditional snacks and also handcrafted souvenirs. You can also watch performance of Taiwanese Opera. Another great thing about the center is the food court. There are multiple vendors that sells authentic Taiwanese foods and snacks. The 3 pics below are our lunch, not only are they delicious but cheap. Each set of foods are no more than $5 US dollars. Definitely a great place to spend an afternoon.   
Pork Chop Bento

Famous Yilan dishes

More Taiwanese dishes

The second place we went was the King Car Whisky Distillery. King Car Company is most well known for the canned coffee drink called Mr. Brown Coffee. Now there are also many Mr. Brown Coffee shops in Taiwan, they sort of remind me of Starbucks. 

Mr. Brown

Gift shop/Mr. Brown Coffee shop and Whisky Tasting area

The third place we went to was the Lanyan Museum. By the time we got there the museum was closed so we only got to take some pics outside. 
Before we head back to Taipei for dinner, we had coffee at the Mr. Brown Coffee Shop by the ocean. 
That's me taking pic of the building

When we got back to Taipei, we went to Hi Sushi for dinner. There are many sushi-go-round places in Taiwan but Hi Sushi's quality is a step up than average places thous it's more expensive. I don't really eat raw fish but there are tons of cooked items to choose from. I only took pics of some of the dishes since I was too busy eating. 
Self serve tea

Fried crab legs


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