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Thursday, April 5, 2012

2012 Taiwan trip Part V

淡水 Tamsui or Danshui (old spelling) is a sea-side district outside of Taipei. To many it's a touristy sea-side town but for me it's home since my Dad's family have been here for hundreds of years. It was occupied by the Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese and British in the 17th century due to it being a natural harbor and close proximity to China and Japan thus great for being a trading port. By the mid 19th century it became the largest port in Taiwan but by 20th century most of port operations moved to Keelung and it reverted back to being a fishing village because due to accumulation of sediments in Tamsui River, larger ships were unable to enter the harbor.
Since the completion of the Taipei Metro's (MRT) Tamsui Line, it became a popular destination for tourists. The first part of my Taiwan posts you will see pics of famous Tamsui eats such as A-Gei and fish balls. Tamsui is also famous for Iron Eggs and Fish Crisps. You can find all the famous foods at Old Street which is right next to the MRT station. Across the river from Tamsui is Bali District so a lot of tourists will take the ferry across the river to Bali, I think it was around $45 NTD for a round trip ticket 


Tamsui Cultural and Art Center
Tamsui Cultural & Art Center.

View of Tamsui MRT Station from Bali
View of Tamsui from the ferry to Bali

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