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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Super Late Post-Allure of the Sea 海洋魅力號

With so much happening in the past 7 months, J and I have not gone on vacation. I know I just got back from my long trip in Taiwan but I was so busy (busy eating, hahaha) during that trip plus J didn't get to go. Our last trip was our cruise on the largest cruise ship in the world, Allure of the Sea in September of 2011. J and I have been on several other cruises with Royal Caribbean but Allure of the Sea is nothing like all the other ships. It's massive! It was a work out just walking from one end of the ship to another. The length of Allure was approximately 3 1/2 regulation size football fields with the passenger capacity of 6300, it's like a floating city! There are so much things to do on the ship you will never be bored.

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