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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Ovo-Lacto Vegetarian Diet Part III

It's Sunday and my one week semi-vegetarian diet is over! Being a meat lover, I can't believe I stuck to it. I can't say that I feel more healthy or had more energy but I definitely have been more regular with my bowel movements. It probably had to do with eating a lot more vegetable than I used to. Also I know you are curious to know if I lost any weight with this diet, the answer is no but I do feel less bloated at times. It probably have to do with cutting down fat and salt intake also. This diet made me a lot more concise on the foods I put into my body. I'm far from converting to vegetarianism but I am not oppose to having a couple meat free meals every week.

  • Breakfast- Yogurt with blackberries and honey.
  • Lunch- Ramen with Chinese cabbage and egg. 
  • Dinner- Tofurky sandwich (with lettuce, cucumber, tomato, honey mustard, mayo).
  • Snacks- Peanut butter with apple.
  • Breakfast- Peanut butter and Jelly sandwich.
  • Lunch- Pizza Margherita.
  • Dinner- Rice noodles with tofu.
  • Snacks- Blackberries.
  • Brunch- Scallion egg crepe.
  • Dinner- Butternut Squash ravioli (Trader Joe's) with brown butter sauce. 
  • Snacks- Peanut butter with apple.

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