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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Black Sugar (Muscovado) Mantou-黑糖饅頭

After my success of making Milk Mantou, I decided to tried my hands at making Black Sugar Mantou-黑糖饅頭. Out of all the different types of Mantous, Black Sugar Mantou is my favorite.

Black Sugar also known as Muscovado is a kind of raw cane sugar that is unrefined with a high mineral content. You can find it at most Asian markets. It is much darker in color than dark brown sugar (almost black, hence the name Black Sugar). It normally comes in small bricks but you can get it in powder form. The kind I used is the brick type from Okinawa. If you don't have Muscovado you can substitute with dark brown sugar.

The recipe I used is based from Vivian Pang Kitchen. I omitted the Pandan leaves because the Black Sugar mantous in Taiwan doesn't have Pandan flavoring in them. I also extended the rising time. For some reason my first batch came out denser than I like when I followed her rising time. For the first rise I extended the time to 40 minutes and for the second rise I extended to 20 minutes.

Ready to steam. 

First batch, looks good but too dense for me. 

Comparing batch 2 (left) to batch 1 (right). 

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