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Friday, July 6, 2012

DIY Swimsuit Coverup

I have a sewing machine at home but it's mainly use for sewing hems of pants/jeans and for a while I was making my own decorative pillows. I've never had any real training on how to use a sewing machine so I always shy away from making any clothing. Recently I saw a pin on Pinterest for a swimsuit wrap coverup that is pretty much the exact copy of the one on Victoria' It is super easy and doesn't require a sewing machine. Yesterday I went to Jo-Ann Fabric and got some stretchy jersey knit fabrics. I followed the instructions from The only difference is that I used a little shy of 1 yard of fabric since I'm very petite and 1.75 yard was way too big on me.

Trim the fabric so you get straight lines on all sides of
the fabric. 

Since the length was too long, I cut off some more. 

Fold the fabric in half and use a tank as a guide to cut
 the arm holes. 

Cut the scrap fabrics into an inch wide and 1/2 foot long.
You will need 6 strips then using 3 strips to braid. You
will end up with 2 braids. 

Hand Sew the braid to the two ends where your arm hole
will be and repeat with the other side. 

Cut some more scrap fabric and cover the sewed ends. 

Done! Ready for the beach or pool. 

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