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Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Newest Mr. & Mrs. K

Congrats to the newest Mr. and Mrs. K! Yesterday J's cousin Steven and his love Tracy got married at the Barnes at Weslyean Hills. The weather forecast called for thunderstorms and hail but thank God it was sunny! It's funny that at all K family weddings the weather man/lady calls for severe weather and so far every one has turned out with good weather. It happened to our sisters-in-laws and for our wedding. On our wedding day the weather was suppose to be terrible (rain storms), well the weather held up and the torrential  downpour started when our reception started which was good since we were already inside and took all the outdoor pictures already. Hoping this trend will keep up!

Now back to the very unique location surrounded by nature. They got married in front of the lake and willow tress. The inside of the barns at Weslyean Hills is gorgeous (and has AC!). Very rustic with white lanterns and string lights criss crossing the room. It is perfect for a summer time wedding.

Congrats Tracy and Steven! 
Can't wait to see all the pro-pics and hearing about the wonderful Hawaiian Honeymoon. 

Mason Jars floating candles. So pretty! 

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