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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Beginning of Homemade Vanilla Extract

I bought these whole vanilla beans from Trader Joe's a while ago after I saw some posts on other food blogs regarding how easy it is to make your own vanilla extract. One of my favorite post is by No Recipes, using mini bottles.

 Since I have a little over a cup of vodka left, I finally decide to do it. It is super easy, all you need is a clean glass container (in my case, the vodka bottle), good quality alcohol (at least 35%) and vanilla beans.

I'm using vodka since I wanted a clean vanilla taste. You can also use spiced rum or bourbon. Most recipes I found call for at least 3 whole beans to 1 cup of vodka. Since I only have 2 beans, I will put more in the bottle once I buy more next week.

Homemade Vanilla extract

  • 3 whole vanilla beans 
  • 1 cup vodka
  • clean glass container with a tight lid (I just used the vodka bottle)
Split the beans lengthwise then cut in half. Place into the container with the vodka. Make sure the beans are completely submerged. Store in a dark, cool place for at least 2 months before use.

Below are info I found after look through countless recipes:

You can strain the extract with clean cheesecloth to get ride of the specks of vanilla seeds before use if you like. As you use up the vanilla extract, you can top the bottle off with more vodka. It is probably best to change out the vanilla beans every 6 months. You can air dry the used vanilla beans then stick them into sugar to make vanilla sugar. The vanilla extract should last for years if stored out of direct sun light. 

See you in 2 months! 

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