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Friday, April 12, 2013

Corporate Restructuring=Trip to So. Cal?

Normally when companies have Corporate Restructuring it means it's time to fine a new job since the company is not doing well financially. Well, that is not true when it comes to my company. Our business have grown significantly in the past few years that the old structure is not functional anymore.

When my ex-manager called me into his office a month ago, I thought I was getting the bad news. It was very nerve racking since I have been very dedicated to my job since I started last November. Boy, was I wrong. He wanted to let me know that I will be under a new department and sadly he will no longer be my manager. I'm still working in the same office, pretty much have the same job and still at the same desk but I now report to higher ups in TX and CA.

This means my coworker Maribeth and I get to go to our HQ in CA. Where in CA? My old home sweet home, Irvine! When my family first immigrated to the US,  we lived in Irvine and Tustin. Ever since after college, I haven't been able to go back too often. Even when I'm back there, I don't normally go back to Irvine and Tustin.

 The last time I went back was the end of 2009 for my aunt's funeral. I still have a lot of family there but since my business trip was only for a few days, I only got to meet up with my super talented brother Josh one of the nights for dinner. Even though it was very hectic I had a really great time meeting everyone at the HQ and also got to see how much Irvine has changed!

Huntington Beach
Newport Beach Pie

In-N-Out cheeseburger animal style! 

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