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Friday, July 4, 2014

New Home, New Kitchen

My life has been super hectic since I last posted. Besides being busy at work, we also bought a townhouse and renovated the kitchen. The whole home buying process was miserable, anything that could go wrong, did. We started looking at houses January of this year and finally closed on a house on June 6. 

We had 3 single family houses that fell through during these 6 months, saw like 40 houses and finally settled on a townhouse in downtown Fairfield. I really prefer a single family house but you just can't beat the location of our townhouse. J takes the Metro North Train into Manhattan for work so for him being able to walk to the train station is a huge plus. 

We knew when we first saw this place that we love the location, the townhouse layout but just weren't crazy about the 1985 bathrooms and kitchen. Most people would start with the small projects but of course being as impatient as J. We had to start with the most costly and time consuming kitchen. 

Originally J wanted to do the Ikea cabinet himself and just hire someone for the granite countertops but we decided it might be a good idea to leave it up to the professionals. I am happy with the result but will not recommend the contractor we used since they were a pain to deal with. 

For our appliances, we ended up replacing it all. We decided on all KitchenAid appliances. We bought them all from Marsillios's in Fairfield. They were great to deal with plus they price match! Our sales person was not pushy and helped us choose the ones that give us the most bang for our bucks. 

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