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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Quantum of the Seas NYE Holiday Sailing 12/27/15-01/03/15

I've been a terrible blogger. Especially since I got promoted at my job last year, I just got too busy to post.  This vacation was booked 1.5 years in advance and I was so looking forward to a fun exciting new ship after working so hard for the 8 months (last vacation was in March/April 2014).

Royal Caribbean marketed Quantum as the technological marvel of the cruise world. kind of fell short. As a huge Royal to Royal, it was a bit disappointing that we paid top dollar for below average service that we never encountered before on Royal Caribbean.

Don't get me wrong, the ship is beautiful! It is probably the most elegant ship in the Royal fleet. However, service was not up to par. There were a lot of waiting around, mistakes with drink packages, rude and clueless servers in the Grand restaurant and mistakes with restaurant reservation system. When we went to Guest Services about some of the bigger issues, they seem clueless or gave the feeling that they are so overwhelmed that they gave up on caring. Guest Services line were insanely long for first half of the cruise. I think in the end cruisers just gave up.

I think all of this would of been avoided if Royal was more prepared and spend more time training their staff on such a brand new concept and ship. We were also told by several employees that they are extremely short staffed for this sailing.

Even though there were a lot of issues we still try to make the best of it. We had the best of time being on CNN for NYE. Yes, we were the dummies that jumped into the pool fully clothes!

We had great service and food at Wonderland, Silk and Jamie's Italian. The Northstar and bumper cars at sea are awesome experiences. Mama Mia was the best show I've seen out of all the Royal Caribbean entertainments.

I think we are going to stay away from jumping on the brand new ship band wagon for a while. We felt like guinea pigs for Royal to test out this new ship while they work out the kinks. For our next vacation, we are booked on Adventure of the Seas out of San Juan. Going back to the smaller ships and enjoy the old cruising ways.